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Active CTPAT importers will receive 3 additional benefits outlined in the Forced Labor: Trade Compliance Benefits November 2022 document.
Front of the Line Admissibility Review:
If Customs holds a shipment due to forced labor, the Center of Excellence (CEE) will prioritize the review if the importer indicates that they are an active CTPAT member and requests a prioritized review when submitting supportive documents to Customs in response to the hold. The CEE will review the importer’s shipment before those of non-CTPAT partners.
Redelivery Hold:
CTPAT importers who have already received their cargo will not be required to redeliver the shipment if Customs later advises that the goods must be held due to forced labor. Instead, the cargo can remain intact at the importer’s facility until Customs determines admissibility.
Detained Without Release Order Shipments Move to Bonded Facility:
If a shipment is held due to a withhold release order, Customs will allow a CTPAT importer to move the goods to a bonded warehouse where the cargo must be held intact until Customs determines admissibility.
If you want to find out how to become CTPAT certified, contact your local Mallory office.