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The European Union (EU) has approved plans to impose tariffs on lighters and plastic fittings from the U.S. in retaliation over controversial American duties on imported steel and aluminum, according to EU officials. The EU intends to apply tariffs on these goods in response to a U.S. decision in February widening the scope of metal levies introduced in 2018.

The increases take affect May 8, 2020 and included are the following products and their EU tariff codes:

  • Lighters – 9613.80.00, 20% increase
  • Plastic Furniture Fittings – 3926.30.00, 7% increase.

The EU also plans a 4.4% increase on the current rate of 10% will be placed on playing cards, EU tariff 9504.40.00 on February 8, 2023, or if/when the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules that US measures are inconsistent with the WTO’s rules.

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