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The number of containerships fitted with scrubbers have reached 212 units as of December 10, with another 101 units currently at repair yards undergoing retrofits. Together, the total scrubber-fitted ships will account for some 5.9% of the total number of containerships or 11.8% of the total TEU capacity of the fleet by early 2020 when the new IMO 2020 Sulphur cap comes into effect.
More scrubber-fitted containerships are expected to be delivered in the next two years, including both new ships and retrofitted ones, bringing the total some 1,000 ships by the end of 2022.
With such a difference in ships with scrubbers available, it is expected that it will have an effect on the cost of Low-Sulphur fuel for the remaining ships. The current price spread for low Sulphur fuel oil over Heavy Fuel Oil already reaching $250/ton, we expect the laws of supply and demand to potentially drive the cost of Low-Sulphur fuel up.
Mallory Alexander’s Operations Team is working with all clients to outline the charges by carrier as it applies for their shipments. Our Global Transport Team has also put together a comprehensive summary of all carriers and their IMO 2020 position. See the summary, overall and sorted by tradelane, for Trans-Pacific Eastbound here and Trans-Pacific Westbound here.
While these summaries will be updated on a regular basis, due to the changing market conditions all current BAF and IMO surcharges stated are offered as a guideline only. All shipments will be subject to BAF and IMO charges valid at time of shipment.