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With the nation’s supply chain stressed, shippers willing to collaborate with truckers will go to the front of the line for their bookings. In times when capacity is tight and is expected to remain so for at least 60 days, shippers looking to be prioritized during peak season need to look at their facilities to reduce dwell time.

Truckers are motivated now more than ever to decrease the time they are spending at shipper facilities, what is known as dwell time. Those that act quickly and unload the trailer enable the trucker to immediately free up capacity and pick up another load.

Many large carriers have actually reduced capacity in the recent months, even as demand has climbed. Lack of reliable forecasts from an unprecedented year have many erring on the side of caution. As a result, it is important shippers look at their own operations in order to free up capacity for the trucker. Despite full warehouses, those shippers willing to be part of a win-win scenario, will receive preference and therefore, more capacity.

Source: JOC