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Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) says it will return to normal operations this week, following weeks of disruption caused by an outbreak of Covid-19 among dockers at the port. At midnight local time, all berths (including the West Port area) would essentially resume normal operations and that the number of laden gate-in tractors would be increased to 9,000 a day, while the pick-up of empty containers and loaded import boxes remained at normal levels.

Operations previously fell to around 20% of capacity as the virus spread through the YICT workforce, causing delays and congestion at ports across the Pearl River Delta, as desperate carriers looked for alternative facilities to maintain the flow of cargo. With 11 berths reopening, all major carriers have made plans to re-berth at the port as soon as possible. Shipping routes are gradually returning to normal.

Arrangements for the acceptance of export containers will return to normal levels of within seven days of the vessel’s ETA. However, the backlog of containers stranded at the port could take weeks to clear as more cargo arrives to feed demand in both the US and Europe.

According to the port, YICT will continue to implement epidemic prevention, control measures and promote production in a safe and orderly manner.

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