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To more accurately identify cargo potentially being manufactured by forced labor within the Uyghur region of China, CBP has issued a draft implementation guide for a new postal code requirement for all Chinese manufacturers, as part of the U.S. customs entry process and manufacturer identification code (MID) creation. Deployment is scheduled for November, 2022.
In this draft implementation guide, CBP will make modifications to its Automated Commercial Environment (“ACE”) and CATAIR documentation for following:
  1. Postal code will be a required data element
  2. An error message will be sent when the provided postal code is not a valid Chinese postal code
  3. A warning message will be sent when a Uyghur region postal code has been transmitted.
Mallory will receive these error/warning messages during our entry transmission to CBP and will alert our importers of any such responses. It is encouraged that all importers who source goods from China inform their suppliers of the postal code requirement.
Mallory will follow this very closely and continue to provide more details of deployment of this new requirement.