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Yesterday, the president officially signed OSRA into law.
As reported Wednesday, the House of Representatives passed the Senate version (S.3580) by a vote of 369-42.
This bill revises requirements governing ocean shipping to increase the authority of the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) to promote the growth and development of U.S. exports through an ocean transportation system that is competitive, efficient, and economical.
For example, the bill requires the FMC to (1) investigate complaints about detention and demurrage charges (late fees) charged by common ocean carriers, (2) determine whether those charges are reasonable, and (3) order refunds for unreasonable charges.
The legislation also prohibits common ocean carriers, marine terminal operators, or ocean transportation intermediaries from unreasonably refusing cargo space when available or resorting to other unfair or unjustly discriminatory methods.
Source: NCBFAA