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The Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Food Facility Registration Renewal is about to begin—starting Oct. 1 and continuing through Dec. 31, 2022. All food facilities in your clients’ supply chains must submit a timely renewal. Failure to do so will cause product to be denied entry into the U.S.
Importantly, a DUNS number for the food facility location must be provided as part of the FDA renewal (a DUNS number for the corporate headquarters is not sufficient!). In the past, FDA has been flexible, allowing the use of “pending” if a DUNS’ number could not be obtained. FDA will no longer offer such flexibility.
A special precautionary note, the name and contact information on the FDA food facility registration must exactly match the DUNS number contact information. If not, the registration may be cancelled.
Your client importers must communicate with the food facilities in their supply chain, including the manufacturer or grower, the consolidator, the shipper, and the ultimate consignee (“deliver to” party) to:
  • Alert them to the food facility renewal requirement from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, urging them to renew early to avoid any interruption in their importation into the U.S.
  • Tell them about the need for a DUNS number associated with the physical location of the food facility (a corporate headquarters DUNS number is not the correct number.)
  • Warn them about the mismatch problem. They should carefully cross-check their FDA registration with the DUNS number information to ensure an exact match.
Source: NCBFAA