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As reported before, many of the Section 301 tariffs are due to expire in the coming months. The United States Trade Representative (USTR) is still accepting comments on the extension of these exclusions in the portal for Lists 1-4A.


If the exclusions for these additional tariffs are not extended, importers will face increased duties and taxes on importing these goods from China. As your logistics partner, we encourage you to consider moving US East Coast (USEC) or US Inland Point destined shipments with those carriers that are offering expedited services via the US West Coast (USWC), available for both full container (FCL) shipments and less-than-container (LCL).


While expedited services come at a premium price point, these carriers are able to offer faster transits from China via the USWC (approx. 15 days depending on the port pair). Please bear in mind that space; while improving; still remains critically tight and bookings should be made as far in advance as possible (preferably two to three weeks in advance of desired shipping dates).


As the deadline for the exclusions near, we expect that vessels on expedited routes will fill up very quickly; therefore, importers may want to plan ahead if they wish to secure these sailings.


Below is a list of the active groups of products and their upcoming deadlines. The USTR is still accepting comments on the potential extensions in the portal here.


  • List 1 (9903.88.14) is scheduled to expire on 9/20/2020.
  • List 2 (9903.88.17) is scheduled to expire on 9/20/2020.
  • List 2 (9903.88.20) is scheduled to expire on 10/2/2020.
  • List 3 (9903.88.45; 9903.88.46; 9903.88.48) is scheduled to expire on 8/7/2020.
  • List 4A (9903.88.39; 9903.88.42; 9903.88.44; 9903.88.47; 9903.88.49) is scheduled to expire on 9/1/2020.


For more information and to explore your about expedited ocean service options, please contact your Mallory Representative.