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Third country antidumping and countervailing duty (AD/CVD) case numbers allow importers to enter merchandise that have a CBP country of origin that differ from the country of the AD/CVD order. For over one year, from October 5, 2019, through October 28, 2020, due to technical problems, ACE did not allow importers to file AD/CVD entries with any of the AD/CVD third country case numbers listed in the attachment, and entries may have been filed without the required AD/CVD third country case numbers.

Importers should review their entries during this period and determine if any of the entries should have been filed with the AD/CVD case numbers listed in the attachment. Within sixty days of this notice, importers should submit post summary corrections with the required AD/CVD cash deposits for entries identified as missing the applicable third country cases. For entries that have liquidated, importers may file voluntary tenders per 19 CFR 141.105. Failure to take action within the sixty-day period may result in further actions by CBP.

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Source: CBP