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Dear Customer,

As a valued member of the Mallory Alexander International Logistics family of customers, I appreciate the trust you place in us for your supply chain needs. We have been providing periodic updates on the coronavirus as it effects your supply chain and our business.

Most importantly, the current outbreak has not directly impacted our offices, facilities or personnel. For business continuity, I have established an internal task force comprised of Mallory Alexander ownership and senior leadership team members, to oversee the coronavirus situation. This task force convenes daily to evaluate the situation daily with information from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO) and our Mallory Alexander Asia-Pacific staff, who provide first-hand accounts of supply chain functions as they resume in Asia.

This task force has also taken the following actions to ensure your supply chain continues to be serviced seamlessly:

  • Discontinued all international business travel and limited all non-critical domestic business travel. We have also requested employees report any personal travel or cruises to affected areas to Human Resources so that the potential risk to other employees may be assessed.
  • Aggressively increased sanitization efforts at Mallory Alexander HQ, branch locations and distribution centers to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Purchased and allocated additional computer equipment for Operations to facilitate the need for any employees to work remotely should the evacuation/quarantine of the branch become necessary.
  • Ensure cross-training of staff to provide backup operations should an employee become infected with the coronavirus and need to take time to recover or is subject to quarantine.
  • Working with all vendors to ensure they also have a continuity plan in case of business disruption. We are also working with our Global Network partners to understand the business continuity plans at each of their global locations.

To ensure you maintain visibility to your shipments as they move through the supply chain, I encourage you to take advantage of our myMALLORY visibility tool and mobile app. The information in myMALLORY is real-time and available 24/7, regardless of which Operations Representative executed the shipment. To obtain a login for your account, please email

As you have seen in the media or our eblasts, the coronavirus continues to cause disruptions for carriers, warehouses, ports, truckers, etc.  This disruption will continue to impact shippers not only in China as it resumes operations, but the effects are extending to this side of the Pacific and across the globe. Many exporters are finding cargo getting delayed at inland origin points, rail ramps, truck yards, warehouses, and origin marine terminals in the U.S. ports. For importers, we are seeing bottlenecks at the piers, truckers not granted appointments or being turned away to pick up freight and containers, as well as lengthy wait times. In extreme cases, we are seeing some truck drivers not showing up to work due to coronavirus fears.

Mallory Alexander anticipates there will be significant delays and additional costs as the global flow of cargo ramps back up. Our Operations Representatives are proactively working with our providers to arrange transportation and storage to mitigate these situations.

I appreciate your understanding in how the coronavirus is affecting global supply chains. Our commitment to servicing your needs remains unchanged and we are working with our employees to ensure this occurs seamlessly. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your Mallory Alexander Sales Representative, Operations Representative or to

Neely Mallory