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The United States Trade Representative (USTR) has announced the first products to be excluded from the Section 301 List 2 goods from China that were subject to the additional 25 percent tariff. The list of exclusions on 69 goods covers a wide variety of products including plastic and polythylene films, gas and propane piston engines, heat guns, air amplifiers, dog and cat collars, drill presses, cooking thermometers and more. See the complete list of exclusions in the USTR announcement here. The USTR is continuing to review all exclusion requests and will issue determinations on a periodic basis.

View the latest consolidated list for Section 301 tariffs on China from Mallory Alexander’s consulting arm, M-PACT Solutions, here. Importers are encouraged to review the list of goods and commence the application process for a refund of the additional tariffs paid since August 23, 2018. Exclusions are available if the product description matches the importer’s product, regardless if they filed and exclusion request.

If you have any questions regarding the exclusion process or need assistance filing for refunds on additional tariffs, M-PACT Solutions is available to help. E-mail for assistance.