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Mainland China

Shanghai: CMA/EMC/ZIM lack 40HQ/40GP. COSCO is releasing equipment vessel by vessel.

Ningbo: EMC lack of 20GP/40GP/40HQ. CMA lack of 40HQ. ZIM lack of 40HQ and they advise use 40GP/45HQ instead. COSCO lack 40HQ and they advise use 20GP/40GP instead.

Yantian: EMC lack of 40GP. CMA lack of 40HQ.


Wuhan: COSCO lack of 40GP/40HQ. ZIM lack of 20GP/40GP/40HQ. EMC lack of 40HQ.

Wuhu: All carriers are in shortage of 40HQ equipment.

South East Asia:

Thailand: Most of all carrier are in short supply of 40HQ equipment. MSC confirmed that equipment in sufficient to daily plan, but generally, all trucks need to be on queue first come first serve. Suppliers may face equipment issue from time to time if truckers come to depot too late.

Vietnam: Most of all carrier are in short supply of 40HQ equipment. At this moment, MSC’s equipment supply is better than others.

Source: Mallory Alexander Asia-Pacific